Burnt-Yellow Wooden Crate Box

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The wooden crate can be used as a shelf, storage box and also to pot your foliage arrangements. Stack crate boxes of different sizes to create your own unique shelf design for your plants. This crate is highly loved for its versatility and natural colour. Match it with a couple of your favourite potted plants to create a vintage garden look for any corner of your house. 


  • Wooden crate box in burnt-yellow available in three sizes 
  • Cured Wood


  • Available sizes: 3
    • Small: L32.5cm x W19cm x H14.5cm
    • Medium: L37cm x W23cm x H16.5cm 
    • Large: L42cm x W27cm x H18.5cm 
  • Suitability: Indoor/Sheltered Areas 
  • Available colours: Burnt Yellow


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