Artificial Monstera Plant

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A timeless classic: This broad-leaf plant is one of the most loved plants for one to have at home, and for good reason! Not only are the broad leaves uniquely patterned, its unpretentious spread makes it so easy on the eyes and versatile in style. Pair it with a melamine pot for a clean look, or a rustic hyacinth straw basket for the resort vibes. 


  • Basic tree with an unremovable basic black plastic pot
  • Hyper-realistic soil 
  • Can be paired with White Melanie Pot with White stones | Brown Water Hyacinth Straw Basket with Wooden Stand (with Mix brown stones)


  • Available heights of plant: 1.2m
  • Available pots: Basic black pot | White Melamine Pot with White Stone | Water Hyacinth Straw Basket with Mix Brown Stones
    • Dimensions of Basic Black Pot: Approximately Ø15cm | H15cm
    • Dimensions of Hyacinth Basket with Mix Brown Stones (L): 
      • Ø28cm | Total H38cm | Height of Basket 22cm | Total Height of Plant with Basket:  Approximately 1.35m
    • Dimensions of White Melamine Pot: 
    • Ø30cm | Total H25cm
  • Suitability: Indoor 
  • Available colours: Green

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