Artificial Hosta and Fern Arrangement

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The assortment is one that is wild and luscious for the modern homes. The bird's nest fern is an icon of the tropics. Its broad and majestic spread of leaves are space-fillers and sure to capture attention. The Hosta plant, on the other hand, features broad leaves that hangs beautifully over the edges of the slim pot. Match both pots of ferns together for a unique mix of ferns and plants to create your green home. 


  • Potted in Tall plastic Black Vase


  • Height of plant (Bird's Nest Fern): 0.6m 
    • Dimensions of Pot (S): H28cm x L15cm x W15cm 
  • Height of plant (Hosta with Aegon fern): 0.7m 
    • Dimensions of Pot (M): H35cm x L18cm x W18cm 
  • Suitability: Indoor 
  • Available colours: Green 

Actual products may vary from the images due to lighting, delivery conditions and arrangements. Please also allow a possible difference in height of the products.