Artificial Bushes with Wooden Stand Set

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These cascading bushes flow in a waterfall-like manner, giving it its voluminous appearance. This rustic plant is suitable for shelves and table sides, given its elongated and luscious look, and is an easy-to-match fit with the other plants that you might already have. The overhanging features of this plants is unique and a suitable choice if you are looking for less conventional plants to brighten up your interior. Matched with our 3-tier and 5-tier wooden stand, this set is sure to enhance your home design and elevate the look of the greenery. 

*For customisation of pots/selection of cascading bushes, please contact us.


  • Plants potted in weighted basket
  • Single Bush, Single-side flow
  • 5 baskets of plants: Purple/Red Wandering Jew | Yellow/Green Wandering Jew | Philo | Ivy | Frosted Ivy 
  • Stuffing type: Faux moss


  • Total length of plant: Approximately 60cm 
  • Height of plant from base of pot/basket to top of plant (not including cascading portion): Approximately 30cm 
  • Pot Type: Mini Basket 
  • Dimensions of Basket: H13cm x ⌀13cm  
  • Size of Wooden Stand: 
    • 3-tier: H100cm x B42cm x W47cm 
    • 5-tier: H150cm x B42cm x W45cm 
  • Suitability: Indoor 


Actual products may vary from the images due to lighting, delivery conditions and arrangements. Please also allow a possible difference in height of the products.