Artificial Benjamin Ficus Tree

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The Benjamin Ficus tree is iconic of Singapore's landscape, with this luscious species stretched across the island. This bushy and versatile tree is one of the most loved items in our collection, and for good reason; vibrant green that branches out from a slim trunk in a natural flow and is easy-to-match with modern and rustic furniture alike. One of our many collections of Ficus trees, this series features a slightly rounder shape in comparison with our other Benjamin Ficus.


  • Basic tree with an unremovable basic black plastic pot
  • Hyper-realistic soil and trunk 
  • Can be paired with a textured plastic pot (Elevated on the inside) - Paired with White Pebbles (White Pot), Black Pebbles (Black Pot), Mix Brown Pebbles (Brown Pot)


  • Available heights of plant: 1.5m | 1.8m | 2.1m
  • Available pots: Basic black pot | Textured Plastic Pot (Black, White, Brown) (with inner elevation) 
    • Dimensions of Textured Pot: 
      • Short: Ø15cm | H46cm | Elevated 20cm
        • Plant Height with Elevation: 1.7m (1.5m) | 2.0m (1.8m) | 2.3m (2.1m)
      • Tall: Ø15cm | H66m | Elevated 40cm 
        • Plant Height with Elevation: 1.9m (1.5m) | 2.2m (1.8m) | 2.5m (2.1m)
    • Dimensions of Basic Black Pot: Approximately Ø15cm | H13cm
  • Suitability: Indoor 
  • Available colours: Green


Actual products may vary from the images due to lighting, delivery conditions and arrangements. Please also allow a possible difference in height of the products.