Ming Sing's Picks: Orchid arrangements

Orchids exuberate elegance and grace, making it a classic choice when looking for an uncomplicated and versatile set to brighten up your home. Its shape and bright colours contribute to its unique appearance, while its thin stem and uniform growth gives it its neat look. Not only is it the national flower of many countries around the world, admired for its beauty and charm, it also symbolizes thoughtfulness, love, and resilience. It is no wonder that the orchid is a highly sought-after plant as home decorative pieces as well as gifts. 

Fuss-free Artificial Orchids for Everyone

Save the hassle of watering your orchids and making sure they get just enough light to survive by getting yourself a hyper-realistic one! Not only do our orchids look like the real ones, some of them even feel like it! Made from high quality synthetic materials that make our orchids hyper-realistic to touch, they are also waterproof and extremely long-lasting. No longer worry about leaving your plants at home when you go on vacations or not watering them for days when you are busy. They stay fresh all-year round and is always camera- (and party!) ready! 

Orchids for everyone

With its array of colours and shapes to choose from, there is an orchid for everyone. Get started by selecting a colour of your choice, ranging from classic whites to vibrant warm hues. These colours are sure to capture attention, without compromising its sophisticated look. Pair them with some of our vases and pots to create a look of your choice ranging from sleek and stylish to rustic and wild looks. 

Ming Sing's Pick #1: Classic Phalaenopsis Orchid Arrangements 

Our Phalaenopsis Orchids are real-to-touch, and boast a wide range of colours for you choose from! These orchids feature a gentle hanging look, with its large uniquely-shaped flowers giving it its modern and elegant look. Its versatility makes it a top choice for many. Play around with the number of stalks of orchids to create one that is just the right size for you. From our simple single-stalk orchids that are perfect as bedside pieces, to multiple-stalked ones fitted as center-pieces, there is definitely one for you. Pair it with a simple vase or pot, along with short orchid leaves and your timeless piece is ready for your home!  

Ming Sing's Pick #2: Patterned Orchids, Ferns, and Succulents

While we usually choose to stick to one tone of orchid per arrangement, you may also give your piece depth and personality by combining two types of patterned orchids in the same shade. You can also play around with more complex combinations by adding some ferns or succulents. This will give your plant a more three-dimensional look, allowing the patterns on the flowers and contrast from the ferns and succulents to bring out the vibrancy of the orchids. 

Not only that, you can also choose single-coloured textured pots that makes your arrangements more stylish without taking the attention away from the orchids.

This majestic pot of orchids featured is enhanced with a variety of ferns and patterned leaves, with the white and gold-speckled pot giving it its final touch. 

Ming Sing's Pick #3: Cattleya - Different Orchids for Different Occasions 

Apart from the usual choice of Phalaenopsis Orchids, you can also go for a more rustic and wild look with other types of orchids such as the Cattleya. This orchid, while vibrant like the Phalaenopsis, presents itself in a more free-spirited manner. Pair it with some of our ferns to bring out these features. 


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