Ming Sing's Picks: Creating Your Own Artificial Indoor Garden

We spend a considerable amount of time at home, which puts creating a comfortable and pleasing space we call our own of great importance. On top of selecting a range of beautiful and comfortable furniture, adding greenery to our homes can greatly enhance the interior design and elevate its aesthetic. Not only are they pleasing to the eyes, the added pop of colours can also bring out the different corners of your home and give it a touch of individuality. 


Why Artificial Plants? 

Do you ever find yourself admiring the beautiful indoor greenery aesthetics that you see online and wish you could attain similar designs in your own home but simply do not have the time or indoor conditions to manage them? Artificial plants are your best choices! With our extensive range of faux plants at Ming Sing Flowers, you can create your very own indoor garden without having to worry about keeping them alive. These artificial plants are made from high quality, hyper-realistic material that are not only beautiful, but also easy to manage. 

Clustering your plants for the rustic garden look

To create your own indoor garden, choose a variety of tall and short plants and match them with the pots or baskets of your choice. Matching different types of plants together can give your indoor garden a more dimensional and rustic look.  You can also choose to group your tall and short plants together and elevating them where necessary to form a cluster that would serve as your main piece for your indoor garden look. To complete the look, you can also choose to touch-up with some of our wooden slices, faux moss pebbles or faux grass to fill in the spaces. By doing so, you can further bring out the different features of the plants that you have placed together, creating a sophisticated cluster that is sure to be a head-turner. 

Ming Sing's Pick #1: Traveler's Palm 

Our Traveler's Palms come in 4 available heights and is one of everyone's all-time favourite. Its broad leaves demands attention no matter where it is placed and gives your indoor garden a magnificent and full look. These artificial traveler's palms are made from high quality waterproof material, and features a natural matte finish, giving it its life-like appearance. This leafy plant is easy to maintain and only requires occasional dusting form time to time. Perfect for you if you wish for a fuss-free tall plant for your indoor garden!

Further enhance and expand your indoor garden look by selecting a few more smaller plants and placing them in different corners of your home. Choosing a good mix of plants with different sizes, colour, and textures can give your indoor garden a fuller look. 

Ming Sing's Pick #2: Potted Sword Fern 

This potted plant boasts a wide spread of thin, sharp sword-like leaves, hence its name. The pale green outline gives the leaves an added pop of freshness and 3D look, making it one of the most versatile plants to have indoors if you wish for a sleek and small plant. Simply pop it on one of your shelves or tables and it will instantly brighten up your indoor garden look. 

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