Ming Sing Shares: What Should You Consider When Choosing Your Artificial Plants?

Step inside one of our shop and you will immediately be spoilt for choices! For many first-time artificial plant owners, it is normal to feel overwhelmed by the wide selection of plants even if you may already have something in mind that you wish to get. Below are 6 questions that you can consider before selecting a suitable artificial plant so that you are able to choose the most suitable ones for your home: 

1. What sizes of plants are you looking for? 

The most important question of all, is how much space do you have for the plants you wish to get? You might already have an idea of how tall you want your plants to be, but we often neglect how broad our artificial plants can get. It will be helpful to measure your ground, table, and shelf space both vertically and horizontally so that you are better able to gauge the size of the plant that you should be getting. You wouldn't want to take home some of your favourite artificial plants, only to realise that you might have to change them for smaller ones because they simply wont fit in the space you have intended for; or that your smaller plants do not give you the grand effect you wish your indoor greenery would have. Lucky for you, once you have decided, you wont have to worry about them growing much bigger than you have intended for! They stay the same size (and evergreen) throughout! 

Ming Sing's Pick #1: Lyrata Ficus Plant 

Our artificial Lyrata Ficus comes in 4 different heights, so you won't have to worry about having a plant that is too big or too small for your intended space. The plant has broad leaves that are attractive and unique, and is completed by hyper-realistic branches. 


2. What types of plants are you looking for? 

Perhaps before heading over to our physical and online stores, you already have a plant in mind that you are looking for. If not, you may also browse through online sources to help you better conceptualize how you wish for your artificial plants to look in order to further enhance your interior design. Head over to our 'Homepage' and social media pages @mingsingflowers to browse through some of our designs). To better visualize how you wish your interior design to look so that you can select the right plants for you, you may also consider the following questions: 

3. What colour do you want your plant to be? 

Green, you might say. You will be surprised by how different shades of green also bring out different vibes. It will be great to have in mind the overall concept of your interior design and the colour-scheme and tone you wish to follow. For example, plants that have lush, dark green leaves tend to give off a mysterious and elegant look. On the other hand, bright green leaves are typically more cheerful and vibrant. Some leaves also feature a mixture of light and darker greens, giving it a more dimensional and natural look. 

Apart from green, some plants also come in other colours like red and purple. Adding a couple of them into your selection can give your home an unusual pop of colour. 


4. What types of leaves do you like? 

Different types of plants boast different leaf shapes. Some have thinner, wild-looking leaves, whereas other may have broad, majestic ones. You may choose to have a good mix of both to get a more diverse and wild set of plants, or choose similarly sized leaves for a more consistent look. 


Ming Sing's Pick #2: Birds of Paradise Plant 

This tropical plant is vibrant and fun, making it one of our all-time favourites! Standing at around 90cm, this potted plant is perfect if you are aiming for that sunny island look and want a dash of colours in your home. Not only is it suitable to be placed on the ground as a corner piece, you may even choose to place it on your tables as a tall center piece that is sure to attract attention. 


5. What kind of pots do you need for your plants? 

While our artificial plants typically comes with an unremovable black plastic pot, or is unpotted, choosing a suitable pot that goes well with the space you intend the plants for will give the plants a glow up. We offer a range of ceramic, cement, fiber-glass, glass, and Melanie plastic pots of various sizes for you to choose from that can best suit your design. We also feature some of our best-selling rustic baskets in different designs for that garden or beach resort look. Just like choosing an outfit for an occasion, choosing a pot for your plants is essential in creating that coherent appearance in your home and it also shapes the overall look of the plant. Have fun mixing and matching to find the best combination for you! To top it off, you may also cover the top of your pots with our natural stones to complete it. 


6. Are you going to create a cluster of plants, or have them placed individually? 

This is helpful in helping you conceptualize and decide on the types of plants you want to get. If you intend to create clusters of plants in your home for that luscious indoor garden look, it will be good to consider how the plants you choose can complement each other in terms of its size, colour and pots. You do not always have to pick the same type of plants and pots in order for it to match. In fact, have lots of fun trying out different combinations of plant types and height and you will be surprised that mixing different types of plants together can burst with individuality and bring out the best of every plant. For example, having a combination of broad- and thin-leaf plants can accentuate this difference and give it a more dimensional look overall. The height of a tall group of plants can also be made more prominent and given a fuller look overall by pairing it with some of our shorter plants. Having a good mix of plants of varying heights can also give your clusters more depth. 

Ming Sing's Pick #3: Agave

This large succulent has a unique shape that is unlike many of the usual potted plants we see. Its sharp dark green leaves give the plant its elegant appearance. This plant is versatile and can be matched with a variety of pots to create different looks: Rustic and wild, or modern and neat - This plant can do it all! 



After you have considered these, you are ready to bring home some of your favourite faux plants! 

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