Ming Sing Shares: Caring for Your Artificial Plants

Going on a holiday but have no one to take care of your plants? Have too much chores to complete it slipped your mind to water your plants for a week? Well, the best thing about having artificial plants at home is that you do not have to worry about keeping them alive. The beauty of these faux plants and flowers is that it stays evergreen throughout the year and will never grow out of shape!

However, that does not mean that our faux plant housemates do not need a little love and care from time to time. It is still important that we keep our faux plants clean for that fresh look. Below are some simple tips on how you can care for your artificial plants: 

1. Clean and Dust, Don't Wash

In the past, it might have been the norm to wash your artificial plants when it gets a little dusty. However, with the improved designs and material of our artificial plants, we do not need to do so anymore. Simply dusting it or cleaning it with a damp cloth periodically will do wonders. In fact, as more of our artificial plants and flowers feature a real-touch texture likened to the real ones, it is advisable to not wash or rub it too hard when cleaning to ensure that its coat maintains in its top condition.

The same can be done for our artificial trees - Give it a dust every now and then and it will look as good as new!

Additionally, some of our potted plants are arranged with moss and dried floral foams. These are not suitable to be washed and might affect its look with time to come and cause bacteria to grow. While it is not easy to clean them, you can ensure that your plant maintains its best look by replacing the layer of dried moss after some time. We have take-home packets of moss that you can get from our stores to replace the ones you already have at home. 


Ming Sing's Pick #1: Artificial Syngonium and Artificial Potted Baby Caladium 

These wide-leaf plants are not only fun-sized, they are also bright and have unique patterns on their leaves. These plants are perfect if you are looking for a more fun and fresh look that is different from our usual dark green plants. Besides, they are also easy to clean and maintain! Simply give their leaves a brush every now and then and it will be as good as new. You do not have to worry about cleaning tiny leaves one by one, as these beautiful potted plants boasts broad, unique leaves, and can be cleaned easily in no time!



2. Keep your artificial plants away from direct sun and rain

Unlike many of their real-plant friends, artificial plants do not flourish under direct sunshine and rain. While many of our artificial plants and flowers are waterproof and can withstand some rain and shine, exposure over prolonged periods of time can cause the colour of these plants and flowers to fade. It is advisable to keep your artificial plants indoor so that they can look and feel good for a longer period of time. 


3. Prepare your plants for outdoor conditions 

If you do wish to have your plants placed on your balcony or outdoor sheltered area, it would be good to also have these plants potted in some of our pots with drainage holes to facilitate the outflow of water in the event of rain. Don't forget to weigh them down with some of our stones as well to prevent them from toppling over in strong winds (Remember, they do not have roots to anchor them down!). 


Ming Sing's Pick #2: Areca Palm

This beautiful spread of palm leaves makes the plant a head-turner! Paired with our outdoor-friendly grey cement pot, you do not have to worry about water being trapped in these pots when you leave the plant on your balcony! These cement pots come with drainage holes that can facilitate the outflow of water from your plants in the event of rain. 


3. Adjust your plants 

After giving our faux plants a clean, always remember to adjust its stem and leaves back to how it was. It is also not uncommon for the shape of the artificial plants to shift slightly after we touch or pull on it while admiring them. Most of our plants have wired stems and leaves that allows you to easily adjust its shape even if you have shifted it out of place. Simply give it a little tug and bend where needed and it will look as good as ever. 


4. Elevate your plants where needed 

If you have curious pets at home that are just as excited about your faux plants as you are, you may choose to elevate it so that it remains within sight but out of reach from your fur-mily to admire. Choosing a tall pot, or one that comes with a stand can help you keep it out of reach without compromising its aesthetic. 


Ming Sing's Pick #3: Artificial Potted Golden Dieffenbachia in Brown Pot with Stand

This yellow0green plant is vibrant and fresh-looking. Pairing it with one of our brown metal pots with a wooden stand not only elevates it aesthetic, it also keeps your plants at a safe distance from your pets! (It also makes vacuuming your floor a lot more convenient!)



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