Artificial Ranunculus Arrangement in Square Ceramic Pot with Wooden Stand

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This arrangement captures the essence of spring, and is accentuated by assortment of wild flowers. Put together with our ceramic pot with wooden stand, this piece is perfect for that garden look right in your home! Not only is this piece arranged in a versatile size suitable for your tables and shelves, it also features an all-round 360 degrees arrangement. 


  • Ranunculus and assortment of flowers and leaves
  • Square Ceramic Pot with Wooden Stand
  • Potted with Faux Moss  
  • **Please note that in the actual product, the Ranunculus flower used will be that of a full purple instead of the two-tone shade 


  • Height of Plant: Approximately 40cm 
  • Dimensions of Pot: L16cm | W16cm| H16cm 
  • Available colours: Green | Pink 
  • Comes with Wooden stand 
  • Suitability: Indoor 


Actual products may vary from the images due to lighting, delivery conditions and arrangements. Please also allow a possible 1-3cm difference in height of the products.