Artificial Licuala Grandia

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Setting itself apart from the usual smooth-edged plants, this hyper-realistic plants' zig-zag edges on its leaves and thorny stems will be an unique and stylish addition to your home! This set is made from high quality material that is easy to clean and maintain, making it one of the top choices! Pair it with our woven baskets for a tropical look that complements the plant's broad and majestic leaves. This slim and tall plant is perfect for beautifying corners of your home without taking up too much space. 


  • Basic tree with an unremovable basic black plastic pot
  • Hyper-realistic soil 
  • Can be paired with Brown and White Woven Basket (without stones)


  • Available heights of plant: 1.3m & 1.8m 
  • Available pots: Basic black pot | Brown and White Woven Basket 
      • Dimensions of Basic Black Pot: Approximately Ø20cm | H20cm
      • Dimensions of Brown and White Basket (Large): 
        • Small (For 1.3m Plant): Ø30cm | H30cm
        • Medium (For 1.8m Plant): Ø35cm | H35cm
      • Suitability: Indoor 
      • Available colours: Green


      Actual products may vary from the images due to lighting, delivery conditions and arrangements. Please also allow a possible difference in height of the products.