Artificial Dried-Look Pampas Arrangement in Off-White Ceramic Pot

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This gorgeous mix of brown and cream gives the dried-look arrangement a personality of its own. This piece features the dried sunflower, along with life-like pampas that is often taken for the real deal! This mix is easy on the eyes and a piece that you will love the more you look at it. If hues of natural and muted shades are your thing, this is a piece for you! 


  • Arranged in Off-White Ceramic Pot 
  • Assortment of flowers and foliage in muted tone
  • Pampas, Tall grass, succulent, dried-look sunflower, and ferns 


  • Total Height of plant: Approximately 80cm
  • Pot Type: Off-White Ceramic Pot
    • Dia 15cm | H: 20cm 
  • Suitability: Indoor 


Actual products may vary from the images due to lighting, delivery conditions and arrangements. Please also allow a possible difference in height of the products.